Why are Blue Roses in High Demand?


The purity and beauty of roses make them an unparalleled gift. Generally, the colors such as red, white, yellow, and pink are the common rose colors that are widely used for different occasions. The rare colors of roses like black and blue are not obtained easily.

The blue rose exhibits a fascinating blue-to-violet color and has been portrayed in art and literature as the symbol of immortality, love, or prosperity. Some of the authentic florists make use of genetic modification and genetic engineering to create garden-fresh, organic, natural blue flowers. They produce the blue flowers on their farms with the help of the conventional ‘hybridization’ techniques.

As a result of genetic limitations, blue roses can never exist naturally. The rose flower lacks the particular pigment which can produce the true blue hue. Thus for offering blue roses to the public, the florists often dye the white roses with a blue dye. These are basically fake blue roses. But with the aid of ‘genetic engineering’ now it is possible for greenhouses and gardeners to recreate the characteristics of the blue color in the roses.

What Blue Roses Symbolize?

Since blue is not a natural color of the rose, they symbolize mysteriousness. Meaning if a person receives a bouquet of blue roses, it conveys the message of obtaining it from a ‘secret admirer’. Due to non-existence and the desire for the presence of the color blue in the flora world, the blue hue symbolizes‘rare’ or something which is not easily obtained. It represents something that is highly coveted and can never be fulfilled. It is even attributed to ‘unrequited love’.

Blue roses also signify the emotion of ‘love at first sight. Thus, it is a good idea to surprise your special someone with blue roses delivery on Valentine’s Day at his/her doorstep. To ensure that the flowers are not fake, you must choose a florist that supplies organic farm-fresh flowers.

Some cultures even associate blue roses with regal majesty, splendor, and royal blood. Blue roses even signify ‘new beginnings’. It symbolizes the impossible and obtaining something against all odds. For instance, when we select a path with an unexplained beginning, our heart gets filled with deep emotions. This overwhelming excitement can be expressed with a bouquet of blue roses.

The ‘blue’ color of the rose is associated with mystery and hence can be gifted to a person with a complex personality, which cannot be easily interpreted. As the blue rose is obtained by fabrication and is not a natural product, it signifies manipulation.

What are the Occasions for Gifting Blue Roses?

Since blue roses signify ‘new beginnings’, they can be given on occasions such as birthdays or to a person who is beginning a new venture or setting out on a journey. It can be gifted to a person you wish to start a new relationship. In the modern age, blue flowers are used for adding class and beauty to the interior décor of a house.

The importance of blue flowers cannot e undermined. Thus, to get authentic blue flowers that are bred by the hybridization method and not produced with artificial dyes, you must choose the right florist.

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