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Flowers make a wonderful gift for various occasions. Sending flowers is a unique way of expressing to a person that they are special to us. There is a wide range of flowers and different styles of floral design. Choosing the right flowers for an occasion is essential to convey your feeling towards them. It is also essential to choose the flower shop that offers flower delivery in Berkeley. Here, we have mentioned a few reasons to send flowers to your loved ones.  

Good Luckin Your New Home

You can send flowers to a friend who has moved to a new house. By choosing the flowers that are a token of luck, you can add positive vibes to the house. You can also choose plants that purify the air. Oriental lilies will bring a nice aroma to the house to provide a pleasant feel. You can seek the help of the best florist in Berkeley CA to choose the right flowers. 

To Bring Happiness

Any flower bouquet made of colourful blooms will bring a sense of joy and happiness to the one who receives it. You can include sunflowers or gerberas for a relative, friend or coworker to bring a bit of sunshine. 

To express your love

Even though sending flowers is an act of love, you need to choose the right flowers to express your love towards your special ones. To demonstrate your love towards your girlfriend or wife, it is traditional to send a bouquet of roses. Roses come in many varieties and colours. Garden roses will be fragrant and romantic.  They express your true love. When it comes to your mom, you can choose carnations. Fresh, fragrant and long-lasting, they are a favourite for many moms.


Sending flowers can express your reward for their success at work or school. You can choose any type of flower for it, and often a bouquet is more suitable than a vase arrangement. Berkeley florist can help you celebrate the arrival of a new baby with a bright and colourful floral design. 

To Inspire Creativity

Sending Birds of Paradise to someone special allows their creative juices to flow. The one who receives this flower will not only accomplish more, but the creativity inspired by the beauty of this flower will make every day more productive. 

To celebrate

Flowers aren’t always just to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. You can send flowers to your friend to celebrate his or her new job. Each is worth celebrating. So pick the right flowers to celebrate every occasion. Choose the best blooms and creative designs from the flower shop that offers flower delivery in Berkeley