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Personalized M&M’s can be used for many occasions. One of which is having them given away as a wedding favor. You could change the color that matches your wedding color, put your picture on it and put short phrases on it. If you preferred to give away custom M&M’s on your wedding, you have the option to put short phrases and short messages on each M&M candy. But your option is very limited because only up to 19 characters are allowed on each candy. So you might have to go informal in some way by using “text message” wordings.

Here are 5 wordings that you can put on your personalized M&M’s wedding favor:

1) Date of your wedding
It could be in formats like mm/dd/yy or mm-dd-yyyy. The candies will end up being eaten but your guests will surely remember the date and how cute your personalized M&M’s wedding favor was.

2) The couple’s names
Just the first names of course. It would not fit a single M&M candy if the complete name is used. For example, James & Gina, Rob & Tina, etc.

3) Together Forever!
This phrase will surely spruce up the romance on your wedding. Your guests will definitely think of your wedding favor as something sweet and I’m not just talking about the taste. It may be a short, common and simple phrase. But it would truly show the strength of your relationship.

4) Thx 4 coming!
Thank your guests for coming to your wedding. This may be a shortened phrase but they will still get the message and will truly appreciate it. You don’t have to worry about informality at all once they put the M&M’s candy in their mouth.

5) Mr & Mrs at last!
Show your guests how happy you are to be bonded with each other. Who cares if it’s cheesy or mushy? It’s your wedding and you should care less about what others would think. The only important thing here is that you and your wife-to-be or husband-to-be are now one.

Those wordings for your personalized M&M’s wedding favor aren’t even 19 characters long and will definitely make your guests smile. You don’t have to worry about your wedding favor ending up in a clutter box or in the attic. Your guests will enjoy your M&M’s wedding favor while they munch on it.