A Guide to Choosing Gorgeous Centerpieces for Any Event


Most people planning an event underappreciate the influence decorations have on the guests. Be it a wedding ceremony, birthday, or anniversary party, floral arrangements can create an entirely different ambiance in a venue.

Everything should be well thought out without going overboard. One of the most important elements of an event decor is the table centerpiece. Centerpieces that comprise fresh and attractive flowers will certainly capture the attention of the guests. Here are some useful tips from a Baltimore florist to create gorgeous centerpieces for any event:

Consider the Shape of the Table

Centerpieces may be chosen based on the shape of the table. Some of the common shapes of tables you could find would be square, round, and rectangular. The design of the centerpieces’ will be influenced by the shape of the table you choose for the event.

Round Tables

A single centerpiece is sufficient for a round table. Choose between short and tall centerpieces. Or have alternating heights on different tables!

Rectangular Tables

Using a single round centerpiece on a rectangular table would seem incomplete. Unlike round tables, placing multiple centerpieces is recommended for rectangular tables. Or have the centerpiece long and narrow, so all the guests can enjoy it.

Square Tables

You might have noticed that square tables have relatively more space at the center. Utilize this space to design and place an extravagant centerpiece, in order to prevent the table from looking bland.

Use Seasonal Flowers

Using seasonal flowers in the centerpieces is highly recommended by an expert Baltimore florist.  Seasonal flowers not just remain fresh and last longer, they could be purchased at lower prices as well. Purchasing non-seasonal flowers will be expensive due to the shipping and import duty fees tied to them. Here are some of the recommended flowers for various reasons:

Summer: Recommended flowers include roses, lilies, hydrangeas, freesia, and tulips.

Spring: Some of the popular spring flowers include tulips, daffodils, sweet peas, peonies, and irises.

Fall: Suggested fall flowers include sunflowers, marigolds, chrysanthemums, dahlias, and others.

Winter: Winter season is certainly not the best time for most flowers to bloom outdoors. But local growers can produce carnations, roses, gerbera, and tulips all year round.  Contact a flower shop in Baltimore to know about the choices available.

If seasonal flowers are not your thing, you could consider flowers that are available throughout the year such as carnations, lilies, orchids, and roses. The prices of these flowers would mostly remain the same. Consistent availability of these flowers via flower delivery in Baltimore makes event planning easier too.

By Collaborating and exchanging ideas

Get your creative juices flowing while designing a centerpiece. Create appealing centerpieces for your event by collaborating and exchanging ideas with a professional florist. Their expertise will certainly help in transforming your vision into reality.

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