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Weddings are always magical with elegant decorations and delicious buffet but why is every wedding gift the same? Most people prefer to get a dining set or gift a home appliance as the newlyweds are going to start a life together. Except receiving personalized wedding gifts can be the most exciting part as it is customized especially for them. But this does not imply that you have to shell out a fortune. So, here are six inexpensive customized presents that you can easily afford and will surely leave a lasting impression.

Customized Hamper

Who wouldn’t love some customized bath and towel hamper for their first night as married couples? You can easily buy such a hamper with the couple’s name inscribed on the towels, slippers, and robes. This gift will be much appreciated over mixing bowls and cutting boards and will you some bucks! So get shopping now.

Personalized Box of Chocolate

Desserts are always welcome for every occasion, so why not get personalized chocolate gifts with some yummy treats inside? The rich and smooth milky bars of Cadbury dairy milk will effortlessly fit your budget but make it stand-out amongst other presents. This will surely be the most delectable wedding gift they receive!

Couples Champagne Flutes 

We all love to open a bottle of Champagne to toast some of the most precious moments with our loved ones! Which is why this personalized set will be perfect for the couple. You can get customized Champagne flutes for the newlyweds to celebrate the milestones they achieve in the future with their partner. These dazzling pair of glasses will be cherished for the times to come.

Customized Etched Pillows

A throw pillow is a convenient gift for a married couple but boring solid colours won’t make the cut. Thus, you need to get some quirky stuff etched or sewed on the pillows to make it worthy as a wedding present. So begin hunting for throw pillows that can be personalized wedding gifts for the couple and get your creativity on!

Beautiful Wall Hangings

Now, if you are familiar with either the bride or groom, you can get a gorgeous wall hanging to go with their new home. There are endless varieties from ceramic and cloth to wood to adorn your wall, so take the help of a family member to pick the best one. You can easily get it customized from the shop or opt to buy a piece suitable for newlyweds.

Personalized Key Hanger

As a married couple, key hangers will be a must in the house so why not beat them to it and choose a personalized one? You could get their last names engraved on the hanger along with some elegant yet simple design on the rest of the section. You bet they will definitely call you up for being a lifesaver!

Every gift doesn’t have to be extravagant and lavish to be valuable but it is the thought behind the present that counts. Happy shopping for personalized gifts for the married couple!