Flowers for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday – Follow this Guide


Still not sure what to give for your girlfriend’s birthday? Well, if you are running out of ideas, you should consider gifting flowers. They are gorgeous, available in a variety of colours, and will certainly suit your budget. Make it extra special by giving her favourite flowers designed in a vase. This guide from a florist in Toronto Ontario will help you out in choosing the best birthday flowers for her:

Best Choices of Birthday Flowers:

There’s a large number of flowers worth considering for your girlfriend’s birthday. However, the following flowers really stand out:


Roses are a great choice when it comes to flower gifts. They are indeed one of the most popular flowers around the world. As the flower symbolises love and romance, it will be perfect as a birthday gift. A bouquet of roses will certainly make your girl feel special.

There are different colours of roses, each of them having a special meaning. Talk to a florist in Toronto Ontario to know what the different colours symbolise, before making a choice. For instance, while red roses are all about romance, yellow roses symbolise friendship, and pink roses represent care and affection.


Oriental lilies have an amazing fragrance and are available in different sizes and colours. Choose the lily that aligns with your girlfriend’s taste.


Gerbera are locally grown. They come in bright colours and look great when they are combined with other flowers in a bouquet.


Tulips are yet another popular birthday flower, especially in late winter and early spring. They are also available in a range of attractive colours such as orange, red, yellow, white, pink, and more. Because they continue to grow in the vase, they bring new delight every day.


Orchids are exotic flowers that look elegant. Cymbidium orchids are long-lasting and versatile – use one luscious stem in a crystal vase, or a bloom or two in a compact style arrangement.

Sending Birthday Flowers – 3 Tips:

  1. Choose a beautiful bouquet that is all the same flower or the perfect combination of different flowers, custom-designed by a professional florist. You can also combine it with a small gift or chocolates to make it even more appealing.
  2. Make sure to place the order for flower delivery in Toronto well ahead of time to ensure that your preferred flowers don’t run out of stock and that it reaches the destination on time. You don’t want to disappoint her by inadvertently delaying the gift.
  3. Choosing flowers that she already likes is a great way to express that you care about her and she means a lot to you. She will be flattered that you remember her favourite and will undoubtedly value your gift even more.

Gifting a bright and colourful bouquet conveys your message of love and affection, thus making flowers truly more valuable than any other gift. Don’t wait till the last minute, and order fresh quality flowers from a leading flower shop in Toronto today.

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