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While searching for the perfect wedding venues in Swan Valley, a few couple may feel it an easy task and some may not. It can be a difficult task to find the perfect venue for your wedding from restaurants to castles to churches to hotels. Here, we have mentioned a few tips to choose the perfect venue for your wedding.


By flexible with various dates, you can find the right venue for your wedding much quicker and easier. If you can’t afford your dream venue or it is not obtainable on the date, then you can consider choosing dates during an off-peak time like February, November, or early December. Opting for a midweek wedding can be a choice, but many guests may miss the occasion.  By choosing dates like this, there will be available and you can get the venue for low price. 

Unique Venue

The effort required to choose the venue may vary based on the different venues. You can consider choosing location like a barn. For example, you have to arrange for hauling in the tables, lighting, backup plan, etc. If you are not planning for hands-on, you can opt for a hotel as it has a one-size-fits-all approach. But, be informed that it can take more weight off from your shoulders. You may also consider venues near mini golf in Perth.  


You have to fix your wedding budget before choosing a wedding venue. You have to ask yourself whether you can afford a particular venue or not. If you can’t, then don’t include those venues in your list to save your time and effort. 


It is always necessary to choose the right location for your wedding venue so you’re your guest can reach the venue and attend your wedding on time. If you are planning your wedding at two different locations, then it should be close to each other. You have to consider the accessibility of the wedding venue. While more guests are coming from a distance, you need to think about choosing a venue that’s accessible. Also, you can consider venues that have Swan Valley accommodation, so that guest from far can stay there

Number Of Guests

It is necessary to choose the venue that is right size for all your guests. If the guest count is more, most guests fail to turn up and the venue will be dull. If the venue is too small, then the venue will be overcrowded. You need to know the rough figure guests you expect for your wedding before you list the potential venues.  

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