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Be the bride or groom, just about everyone related to the wedding is excited about everything, right from deciding on the best, bridal shower to selecting the best wedding cake. So, you are headed for your wedding this winter, right? So, it’s the time you need to plan, in order to leave everyone attending your wedding awestruck. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best tips to make your winter wedding unforgettable, let’s check out these:

It’s gone to be cool outside

First things thing, if your wedding is planned when the winters are at its extreme, then you’ll have to think a lot about the comfort of your guests, to make sure they go back home with big smiles on their faces. Since it’s freezy cold outside, you’ll have to make sure that the party is planned inside at a wedding hall or you’ll have to make efforts to establish a warmer outside temperature so that your invitees can enjoy the party without having shivers. 

Plan the food

You’ll have to take that extra care in deciding the menu, make sure it is in line with winter delectables. What about surprising your guests by serving hot canapes? People love hot served steaks when the temperatures start to dip. You can also offer your guest caramelised onion and jacket potatoes. It is advisable to sit down with your winter weddings planner to guide you with deciding on the main course and snacks. 

The Decor

Winter weddings are a lot about decor, the luxurious selection of colour palettes, the magnificent beauty of the flickering candlelight, and blend with complementary decor. You’ll have to think and thought, thoroughly in order to surprise everyone attending your wedding. You can collaborate closely with flower designers, when picking the right seasonal blooms, like the mix of foliage roses, etc.

The lighting

It will get dark fairly quickly outside, so you’ll be needing a lot of lighting in order to establish a cosy and romantic. You don’t have to stick to big wedding floodlights, you can do so much in terms of wedding lighting, it includes the fairy lights, LED to jazz up the mood of each one of your guests. It’s time that you put-in creative mind in a place to become creative with lighting. 

At last, winter weddings aren’t easy-peasy, you’ll need a specialist to assist you in deciding, everything right from the menu to the overall decor of the party.