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While searching for a mail order Asian bride, it’s essential that you narrow down your search by country. Because, naturally, there are some countries that provide higher quality than others. With Asian women appealing heavily to men around the world, there is a large market for men to meet Asian women and start relationships with them.

But what countries have the best mail order Asian brides? First, you have to know what you’re looking for: You want a beautiful Asian wife, right? Here are the best countries to find Asian brides in.

Start with China

If you’re looking for natural, unique and beautiful Asian brides with extremely light skin, China is the best place to look. With a Chinese bride, you’ll get a combination of natural beauty from head to toe, with ladies’ looks varying giving you a wide selection for an Asian bride.

South Korea: The opposite of China

If you’re looking for the complete opposite of China, the best place to look is South Korea. In fact, if you’re looking for an Asian bride who wears florescent makeup and is very attractive, South Korea is right for you. South Korean women are hyper-aware of their looks and often use plastic surgery to improve their imperfections and enhance their overall look. They are also very fashionable and keep up with all the new trends – two aspects that make for a quality Asian mail order wife.

The Philippines: A special Asian island mail order bride

In the Philippines, the women possess a tropical beauty that radiates and exemplifies their beautiful heritage and attractive looks. A mail order bride from the Philippines will be unique in her beauty, having an exotic face that is gorgeous and welcoming.

Vietnam brides for you

In Vietnam, you’ll find brides that are different than any other Asian country – brides that have a special type of attractiveness and appeal. They dress in a more traditional style that is different than other countries and are very small, skinny women. If that’s what you’re looking for, Vietnam is the perfect place to find an Asian bride that you will cherish and love forever.

Go to Thailand for something different

Thai women have sleek, beautiful bodies that are tight and petite. With beautiful, thick hair and gorgeous faces, Thai women glow from head to toe with their darker skin that has a unique softness to it. If you’re looking for an Asian bride with a soft, warm glow to their skin, you should check out Thailand because you’ll find the perfect Asian mail order wife.

What do you do now to find your Asian mail order wife?

Now that you know exactly what type of Asian mail order bride you want, and you know what countries offer what, go out and find your bride. Whether it’s a slim beauty from Vietnam or a unique goddess from China, your bride is waiting for you in these countries that are the best to find Asian mail order brides.