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Running out of ideas on how to pose for your big day, need some inspiration to help make your wedding photos stand out then you have come to the right place! The perfect pose is the difference between an average photo and a mind-blowing wedding shot. Here are five exclusive wedding photo poses for every couple to make their big day a memorable one.

1.   The First Look

It will take hours to search for an adjective to describe the look and emotion of the to-be-married couple. The best photo from the entire wedding album is the first look photo of the bride and groom. The photographer has to be ready to capture this epic moment of the couple’s life. To make this happen, talk to the bride and groom before the wedding, suggest a private secluded place if the couple agrees. Ask the bride to walk towards the groom and capture the real emotions for an unforgettable and intimate moment.

2.   Blind Folded by the Bride

If a couple does not agree to a first look photo and wishes to stick to tradition then the blindfolded by the bride pose is a playful way to capture an intimate moment. To make the shot special, fun, and unforgettable, the photographer can make the bride cover the groom’s eyes. Then it can either go further towards the big reveal of the bride in her gown too. This pose is impeccable to start the wedding album.

3.   Sunset Photo

Taking a perfect sunset photo with a romantic pose of the couple is not possible without stealing the couple for a few hours from the wedding festivities. Choose a location beforehand for the sunset photo makes it easier to get things in order for the perfect shot. The photographer can ask the couple to kiss the hands and torso must be adjusted to make the pose intimate and memorable.

4. The hand kiss pose

To take a fairytale-likeshot that lasts a lifetime, arrange for an outdoor photo of the bride and groom. Once the photographer readies his camera, ask the groom to hold his bride and tenderly kiss her hand. This photo will clearly be a tender, cherished memory for the couple. Many moments similar to this pose can follow like asking the couple to hold hands and walk or just look at each other with an easy gaze.

5. The tranquil Gaze 

Getting the couple to do a tranquil, relaxed, and natural gaze is a great and romantic pose for a wedding portrait. To execute this pose flawlessly, have the couple seated down on the floor or have them stand close to each other if it’s an outdoor location. The groom should have his arms around the waist of the bride; the bride should rest her hands on the groom’s shoulder or around his neck. The couple can use props like a flower, the photographer has to capture the true emotion the bride and groom shares.